Thursday, October 27, 2011

G-Eazy son

G-Eazy is part of that ever growing "frat-rap" genre that's taking the scene by storm. He's just starting, but already you can tell he's got a sick flow that comes out in many tracks from his Mix-tape "Endless Summer EP". Runaround Sue is one of my top favs and has a great music video to boot. He just came out with a song titled " The Coolest Job" sampling Mary Poppins. You might not like it but as he says
"How many of you rap fucks are sampling Mary Poppins and rapping in a 6/8 time signature?
Take risks. Go outside of your comfort zone every now n then. It's the only way to improve."
Coolest Job

Click more for Runaround Sue

Runaround Sue

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