Tuesday, September 27, 2011

☊ Tonight is the Night!!

A couple days ago OUTASIGHT released another smash hit. Might sound weird, but this guy's music is so much fun! I could party to this all night long. This guy definitely brings his own game to the pop scene, and his rap verses kill as well. I have no doubt, this guy gets the ladies. You can't not like this guy. Enjoy 'Tonight is the Night' and more songs after the jump, if you like it!

Tonight Is The Night - Outasight

If you liked 'Tonight is the Night', you'll love 'Figure8', the Gigamesh remix of which you might have seen in our thursday party playlist. Enjoy the remix and the music video:

Figure 8 (Gigamesh Remix) - Outasight

And finally 'Good Evening' which has a slightly different swag but is classy as fuck. Enjoy his voice on this jazzy and catchy song:

Good Evening - Outasight

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