Tuesday, October 4, 2011

☊ God Save the Queen!

Hey mates! Greetings from Southampton, UK. It's been a wild ass week but I'm back. It was my freshers week and we were bombarded with events and parties. Making new friends here allowed me to broaden my perspective of music. I got to listen to bangin' new songs and artists I've never heard about.

On my first night out we all went to the University's club, located on campus. All of a sudden this song came on and I asked my roommate Tom, what this song was. It's crazy to party and dance to, so definitely check it out.

Continue reading on to get listen to some tracks that are on fire in my iTunes at the moment.

On the way here from Heathrow with the bus, I met Pierre, a really good Frenchman that also happened to share the same course with me. We got along well, and he showed me a couple of the songs he likes. This particular artist is a bit grimey and has a different sense of style in the dubstep arena. As Pierre calls him, "the father of dubstep". Well "Borgore" fortunately is gonna visit Southampton uni in the upcoming weeks so I might as well listen to him live. I leave you to 2 of his songs. I like the 1st one better personally.

His lyrics in the last song also is catchy :D I like the video as well.
I think I'll put a couple more British music that I enjoyed over the past week and leave off since I've rowing training in about 8 hours from now I should get some sleep. Peace out people and let me know what you think!

Last but not least, I also really like this song. Forgive me for not knowing this before.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sierra Leone is so fuckin good! I love it.

How do you like this?

I know it's a bit calm, but I like.
By the way, do you know Frittenbude, Egotronic or Supershirt? Cause they're from the same label, Audiolith, and I like all of them pretty much.

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