Thursday, September 15, 2011

About us

Felipe Valencia Co-founder
What the right thing to say in one of these things is a mystery to me, so I'll keep to the basics and hope our posts do a better job of defining this blog.  I started this blog to share all the things I love most and meet people I'd never have the chance to normally meet. Though the central theme will be music, I want to make this a diverse spot where we can post all sorts of awesome things.

Yiğithan Özden Co-founder
I hope this blog reflects the impenetrable relations the three of us share. I can admit that I might be the "third-wheel" but love the two idiots nevertheless. As all three of us go on our own way, with the end of high school, spending time here'll be good, I guess. I plan on sharing a broad perspective and it'll most likely represent how I feel that day. Or how I wanna feel. There isn't much of a difference in our love and taste in music except for teeny tiny ones. Just know that awesomeness will prevail...

René Felt Co-founder
And finally the coolest of the three, me. As my first sentence, you'll find that most of my posts will contain some amount of dry sarcasm that you might or might not like. I hope to add to the blog by posting underground or undiscovered music, some poems, videos, anything I find unique and inspiring. Anyway, I'm stoked as fuck on this blog, and I hope you find it useful in some way. Cheers.

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