Monday, September 19, 2011

☊ "Cuz I Leap Years Everytime You Fall Back"

Hoodie Allen. There's only so much I can say about this guy. He's truly gifted as a rapper. His witty lines and flows completes the missing pieces in the rap game. I first listened to his songs in his mixtape Pep Rally and was simply stunned. I really was obsessed with "You Are Not A Robot". But I need not say I was obsessed with the whole mixtape. So genuine and you can see how much effort and heart he's put in it.

LEAP YEAR - 7.26.11
And on July 26, 2011 Hoodie releases his new mixtape "Leap Year".  I must say that this guy hasn't failed to delight my ears once again. Does that sound gay? HAHA! Yeah but check out one of my favorites from Leap Year and you'll also love it.

Soul On Fire by Hoodie Allen

More of Hoodie after the JUMP!

Now I'd like to speak about Hoodie's other works. This fella featured in one of Jake and Amir's episodes and he announced that he was working on another one with them and that it should be out soon. Check out "Rap Teacher (With Hoodie Allen)".

As if that wasn't enough Hoodie carried his talents to feature in famous YouTuber Ray William Johnson's other channel, called "Your Favorite Martian". Now I don't really dig Ray when he raps but Hoodie kills it. As usual.

Hoodie is a rapper that stays true to his fans. He's unique in his style and he's not all about "money, cars, and hoes." As I live in Berlin, Germany currently, and will move to England in about 6 days I can't wait for this guy to do a European tour. He has tons of fans here and we're all waiting for him to come here. If you'd also like to support this cause, and bring Hoodie to a place near you in Europe, please support this event on Facebook and RSVP as "Attending"

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You can download his mixtapes for free too!
          - Click here to download his latest mixtape "Leap Year".
          - Click here to download his previous mixtape "Pep Rally".
          - His single "You Are Not A Robot"
          - His not-so-known-yet-still-awesome mixtape "Making Waves".
          - And finally his 6 song "The Bagels and Beats EP"

If you would like to support and show some love, HERE'S Jake and Amir's Facebook page. And HERE's Ray William Johnson's aswell.

More on Jake and Amir coming soon! But here's "Leap Year" for you as a playlist. Make sure you download it!!

Leap Year by Hoodie Allen

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