Friday, September 16, 2011

☊ Give it up for This Guy I Know

Recent years have been overflowing with mashups created from professionals all the way to amateurs and while artists like Milkman and MashupGermany kill it, there are many more where you can't help but wonder if they even paid attention to what they were doing. I'm glad to say this isn't the case with TGIK. Not only does the guy have a great ear for mashups, but he also does some incredible work with remixes. I'm a sucker for both and I'm definitely a sucker for TGIK. You can tell he pays attention to every detail till the song flows and becomes his own. Below are some of my favorite tracks by him.

Passion Pit Sleepy Head - TGIK Remix by ThisGuyIKnow
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Dance With Somebody (TGIK REMIX) [Whitney Houston]-TGIK by ThisGuyIKnow Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life [TGIK REMIX] by Addicted To The Music
The last one is my all time faaav. I never thought First Day of My Life could get any happier till I met TGIK.
If you liked this guy as much I did follow his SoundCloud 
and follow his music blog

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