Saturday, September 17, 2011

☊ Kick back, Relax..

This is such a nice playlist to chill to. If you're in the mood, just sit down, kick back and relax and light up a J and listen to this mix that the user "clairitin" made for our ears. She claims she has a playlist for every possible moment in her life. So if you like this and want to hear more click here. 

If you'd like to, as you enjoy this sweet mix, and if you're bored you can just read more...
So this is the section where I'd just lay down some thoughts that have been going through my head recently. I'm about leave "home" next week. I have 168 more hours to spend time with the 2 people that I've been with for the past 19 years. My mom was a year older when she married my father. And a year after their marriage she had me. I love her to death. Only she knows what she's been through and it's been tough for her. Needless to say, I will always back her up.

My father. My inspiration, my fuel, my life, my eye, my arm. He's very supportive. Wants what's best for me. A man to be proud of. I hope that I turn up to be a man like him, family wise. There are some parts about him that I don't like but yeah you get the point. I will never turn my back on him, as he hasn't either to any of his loved ones.

But most of all I'm going to miss my sister. 11 years old and growing up pretty darn fast, she's some kind of genius. But lazy. 11 and in 7th grade! They say she looks like me but I personally cannot see the resemblance.

I generally find myself in a fight with her. Usually I frustrate her but it's purely out of love. But recently, we've been spending some quality time together. When she hugs me she won't let go and so on. It's really hard leaving the ones you love behind. And as a man I feel like I have to hide it. But yeah I hope to start university with a blast. Getting drunk daily awaits me, and I also have to show those Brits how to drink properly.

I've been drinking a lot lately, and I feel like I have to level the dosage a little, and prepare for an athletic and scholar life. I've basically been empty, educations wise, since May. That's like 4 months!

Anyballs, Thursday was my birthday and to be honest I was actually content with how it went. Thanks to Facebook it felt as though people remembered and congratulated me wholeheartedly. But yeah I added two more pairs of shoes to my collection of two dozens. I feel like a chick in that sense of matter. Have a shoe for every occasion, style, weather, day, etc... Also another good birthday present came from the UK Border Agency. They sent my passport back with my new student visa!! Valid until 2014. They told me that it would come in 3 weeks but it took like 10 days for it to come back. So this means I haven't wasted 150 Euros on my plane ticket on the 25th. Super stoked!

Also I've been thinking about this blog and what I want to add to this community. But I have to discuss it with my two loverboys first.

Ok enough with this. Keep enjoying the music!!


René said...

Dude this shit is fucking amazing. Awesome music for drawing! Keep it up Mr. Yigi!

Yigi said...

I'm glad you approve Mr. Undosuro!

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