Monday, September 26, 2011

☊ Me, Myself and Humanity - Mixtape

Out of my friends, Dan always knew good rap music. Now, he makes good rap music. As OMMETIS, Dan lays down his smooth yet deep flow with a typically dark or jazzy beat. It fucking works. He recently dropped one of his bigger projects 'Me, Myself and Humanity' and its a solid piece of work. I've been following his songs for some time now and there's no doubt; he's getting better and better, and he's on his way up. This guy is dedicated. Less than two days after receiving positive ratings on his mixtape he already whooped out another thank you song for his fans. Keep track of this kid, he's about to become something. Check out one of my favorites 'Good Times' and the rest of his songs after the jump!

Good Times - Ommetis

Here's the rest of Me, Myself and Humanity. Show support by visiting him at his website, and you can download the mixtape at the download link below. Enjoy!

And don't forget:

Nobody - Ommetis

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