Sunday, September 18, 2011

☊ Upper West lays it down

The scene is booming with great new acts who are full of creativty, but then there's those that throw it in the air and change the game. I'm talking, of course, about artists like Upper West. Upper West is made up of Doug Gleicher (aka Dougie)  and Jesse Fink (aka JFink), these two guys from New York are unsigned, but making some real noise. Upper West specialize in sick beats, the right samples and clever, upbeat lyrics. To top it off, this guy's voice is so suave, I mean just real smooth, you can't help but appreciate. Here's what I'm talking about:
Wouldn't It Be by Upper West
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LaDiDa by Upper West

Last thing, just quickly, I was checking out the video for Won't Grow Up and was surprised to see it's only got 30,000 views. Don't get me wrong, good for them, but I just know they deserve and can get more so destroy that replay button.
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athi said...

listening to this song full blast is amazing

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