Monday, September 19, 2011

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ASAP Rocky – Trilla (ft. ASAP Nast & ASAP Twelvy) (Prod. Beautiful Lou)

"She used to call me asshole, but now she drop that ass low"
                   Such a rapper remark to make. HAHA! Yeah anyway I think this song is such a chill song. Just letting the beat take over and do the work. Seriously, if I had a joint right now I'd light it up to this song. Songs like these ease up my mind. Check out Rocky's soundcloud page and show him some love.

ASAP Rocky - Trilla Prod. By Beautiful Lou (Feat A$AP Twelvy & A$AP Nast) by Steady Leanin
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 Decided I should share some more from this guy. I really like him.

Slime Wave by Steady Leanin

Main Attrakions ft. ASAP Rocky - U.G.K. by Steady Leanin

If you want to chill a bit more then check out this post. Awesome track to chill to. 

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